booking terms & conditions

How to book: On confirmation, Events of Distinction will forward you a Booking Confirmation Form to be completed and returned by fax. Any bookings made will be considered provisional, until such time as we have received a signed Booking Confirmation Form and a deposit. Payment of the deposit implies acceptance of these terms and conditions. 


Cancellations: The deposit paid on confirmation is refundable only once all costs incurred have been deducted and the Terms & Conditions of the various venues have been adhered to. This will constitute the full extent of Events of Distinction’s liability to the client and persons under his authority. The signing of this form implies acceptance of all Terms & Conditions forwarded to you regarding the various venues.


Liability and Responsibility: Events of Distinction and its agents act as agents of the company or persons making the booking in all matters relating to the event. Events of Distinction shall not be liable for death, injury, delay, loss or damage resulting from any cause and in any manner whatsoever. Events of Distinction shall not be liable for any expenses arising from any of the above.


Baggage: All baggage and personal effects are at all times at the client’s risk and Events of Distinction cannot accept any liability for any loss of baggage or personal effects.


Extra’s Account: The client’s Extra’s Account (e.g. bar, additional services, etc) can be settled either directly by the client at the venue before departure or alternatively, Events of Distinction can settle this account on your behalf for a handling fee of 10%. Events of Distinction will then invoice the client after the event. This payment is due within 7 working days of receiving the invoice forwarded to you by Events of Distinction.  Payments after such time will be subject to interest calculated at the prevailing prime rate.


Insurance: The client is aware that it is his responsibility to take insurance. The client will effect personal insurance and be satisfied that their insurance fully covers their personal requirements.


Indemnity: Events of Distinction does not hold itself responsible for death, injury or loss, which may occur.


Photography: Events of Distinction reserves the right, without giving further notice to use photographs and films, taken during the tours, for advertising material or publication on a brochure. The client acknowledges this right and will not hold Events of Distinction liable for permission or payment.


Prices and Information: Please note that whilst every effort is made to maintain prices, due to prevailing conditions, they are subject to change without notice. 


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